5 Steps of Project Management

Processes of Project Management

    First of all, we have to know about PROJECT. So what is a project? Project means a particular task about product or service. Which has defined start and end time, and it has to complete in given time. This is group activity and tasks are distributed among team members.

    Now we go for what is PROJECT MANAGEMENT? This is the application of those things which are important for project things like skills, knowledge, tool and techniques. These things help to meet our goal or aim of the project.


Project management includes five processes or steps to developing a project plan.

1. Initiating

    Initiating is the first process of project management. In this process an idea is generated for the project and project managers will identify prospects of the project.

2. Planning

    In this process project managers will make a blueprint or structure of the project. As well as they also think about the budget of the project, calculation, resources, and scheduling for the project.

3. Executing

    In this process tasks of the project are distributed to the project managers. And this is the best way to complete the project in proper time and proper way.

4. Monitoring and Controlling

     In this process project managers manages project working and progress with the actual plan as well as resources of the project. Also, they adjust schedules and resources as per project will require.

5. Closing

    Closing is the last stage or process of the project management. After completion of project and client has approved that project it’s time to close it and highlight project success.


    So these are the process or steps project management include and we learn in project management how to complete the task with those step.

   We use project management for business activities, and requiring people to come together and work on the specific task or project for successful result or outcome.


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