GMAT Entrance Exam

GMAT entrance exam:

This exam stands for “Graduate Management Admission Test”. GMAT entrance exam is the standardized assessment it helps students to develop their qualification for advanced study in business school. You have to develop mathematical, basic verbal, analytical writing skills for GMAT exam. Because it will help you to get admission in business schools. GMAT Word Problems

Every student gets different questions in the test. GMAT entrance exam is a computer based exam. GMAT entrance exam is used in the USA and also in CANADA.

Following are thing which GMAT does not measure:

– GMAT does not measure your job skills.

– GMAT does not measure your knowledge of the business.

– Your abilities in another specific subject.

– It also does not matter that content in which you graduate in your university.

– GMAT also does not measure subjective qualities like motivation, creativity, interpersonal skills.

Ability to think systematically and to employ the verbal and mathematical skills is the purpose of the GMAT which develops your thoughts in daily life years of schooling.

This test does not aim to measure the knowledge of the specific subject of business or academic subject.

This is the computer-based test.

GMAT exam is based on 4 parts: 

1. Analytical Writing Assessment

Analytical Writing Assessment depends on writing task of Analysis of an Argument. And to solve them you will be allowed only 30 minutes.

2. Integrated Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning consists of Multi-Source Reasoning, Two-Part Analysis and Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation. 75 minute you will get to complete this section.

3. Quantitative

Quantitative section is based on 37 multiple choice questions which are two types

  • Data Sufficiency
  • Problem Solving

There are total 75 minutes to complete this section.

4. Verbal

This section is based on 41 multiple choice questions which are in three types

  • Reading Comprehensive
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Sentence Correction

There are total 75 minutes to complete this section.

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