What Skills are Judged in Group Discussion?

Skills Judged in Group DiscussionWhat Skills are Judged in Group Discussion ?

First of all, what is Group Discussion? In group discussion two teams with their team member’s talk on the same topic. Remember Group Discussion is simple to talk, not a debate.

Group discussion is taken by the company to judge your knowledge, communication skills, what kinds of thoughts you put in your speech etc. Also to know how you perform in the group as a group member. And from this way they select you for their employee.

There are some skills which you have to know and use in Group Discussion.

1. Communication Skill:

Communication skill is based on how you communicate in your discussion and how you present your viewpoint in front of others. You also get a judge to your talk. Sometimes individuals get angry if they don’t get a chance to present their viewpoints, in this situation you should talk politely.

2. Listening Skill:

Listening skill is very important. You have to listen  to another point of views carefully. Do not interrupt anyone when they are talking. By listening carefully you can talk smartly in a discussion. Because are you agree or not with the previous speaker will only happen by proper listening.

3. Leadership Skill:

The leader is one who discusses the topic in right way and directs every team member what should they do. The leader also encourages his team members for putting their views and point in front all.

4. Awareness:

The topics given in the group discussion are mostly based on current happening things in the world. From this, they want to see how much you aware about current world. Hence it shows your Awareness Skill.

5. Initiation:

Take initiative part in your discussion. Don’t wait for someone to tell you to speak. Speak frankly whatever you know and you want to speak, because it creates a good impact on others.

6. Flexibility:

In flexibility skills, you are judged how flexible you are. Some candidates just stick with their points, which should not happen.  Opponents can ask any question but you should give answer politely and logically.

7. Assertiveness:

You should be assertive in your discussion. Your viewpoints and your talk should be convincing manner.

8. Confidence:

Confidence is also most important skill in group discussion. Confidence is based on your knowledge about a topic.


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