Which Is Better MBA Or MS

MBA or MS after engineering (B.Tech/B.E.)

However the question of MBA v/s MS i.e. Master in Science can come up in the mind of fresher’s from any graduate regulation that is keen on studying out of India, it’s more regular among B.E. / B.Tech students who’ve just passed their engineering degree or are in the final year.

The reality that GRE exam marks are now accepted by business schools too makes the entry requirement for both degrees simpler.

A big portion of BE / B.Tech students also options for domestic options (M.Tech or MBA in India) as against to an MBA abroad, making the problem a little more complicated that you’d have anticipated.

So let’s come to our sleeves and try to figure out the pros and deception of each option.

We will gear the low drape fruits first and knock them out of a claim, so our decision making is clarified.

MBA in India after B.E. / B.Tech

This is a very popular option for many graduates students who have  already begin disliking the engineering stream they M.Tech isn’t an option as it’ll just push them deeper into the hole they were trying to get away.

That’s when an MBA in India seems like a good way to delete the previous stupidity and start off life again.

There are back to this conclusion too.

For fresher, MBA placing is not too different from the potluck model you skillful during engineering placements. A group of companies comes to colleges or academy with consulting, finance, marketing and whatever other roles they have to offer.

Fresh engineering graduates, who group to Indian b-schools without being really sure of what they want to do after the MBA, just delay their woes. Read this post about life after MBA from IIM, IIT, and other Indian Institutes.

This line of thinking has given rise to another event– a second MBA.

So now you know that MBA is better than MS.

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